Simply put: Sustainably raised and pastured everything because happy animals taste better. At New Roots Farm the goal is to raise the happiest, healthiest and most delicious animals for your family while keeping everything as local as possible. From the GMO free grain that is locally grown and milled to the family owned butcher shops who package your delicious meats the focus is on keeping it local; this supports other farmers, small businesses and reduces the farm's carbon footprint. 


The Farm

New Roots Farm is in West River, Maryland. It is 12 miles south of Annapolis and 38 miles from Washington, DC. You can keep up with farm happenings and learn when farm tours are taking place on Facebook and Instagram! 


The Farmher

Sarah Campbell owns and operates New Roots Farm. She returned to the family farm in 2014, fell in love with raising hogs, ate her first farm fresh pork chop and promptly scrapped all of her vegetable growing ambitions. She has wanted her own cows since she was 8 years old, loves cooking, and wants to be a butcher in her next life. She is also super geeky about all things agriculture and loves talking about food.