Custom Butchering

Want to fill your freezer, host a party, serve pastured meat at a special event or purchase for your restaurant? We can do all of these things!

Custom butchering is an economical way to purchase meat in bulk. New Roots Farm sells pork and beef by whole and halves. The price includes processing, packaging and delivery to your home. You get to choose your cuts, size of cuts/roasts, sausage flavors and packaging. Don't worry if this is new to you---all customers get help filling out their orders and finding the best solution for their family needs.

Custom beef costs $5 per lb hanging weight for a whole and $5.50 per lb hanging weight for a half. Custom pork costs $5 per pound hanging weight for a whole, $5.50 for a half and $6 for a quarter. Beef deposits are $500 and pork deposits are $250 or a whole or half and $125 for a quarter. BBQ and

Roaster hogs are available in limited seasonal quantity for $7 per lb hanging weight.

Custom beef now has a payment plan! We now have a new payment plan for custom beef where you can pay $500 a month up to $2000 and then pay the rest of the difference at time of butcher since the total cost is based on hanging weight. 

There is a wholesale price for chefs and butchers who are interested in purchasing USDA inspected whole animals or halves to break down in-restaurant or at your butcher shop. 

To learn more about whole animal ordering and make your reservation contact