Meat CSA

Community Supported Agriculture

Join the New Roots Farm family by signing up for the meat CSA and get assorted meats every month for your family. Boxes include pastured chicken, pastured pork, grassfed lamb and grass finished beef. You can join anytime and memberships run in monthly, 3, 6 and 12 month increments. Sign up here or contact Sarah to set up a monthly billing plan.  

CSA Membership options: Currently accepting new members for all share sizes!

Extra Large: $130 per month, 15-17lbs

Contains: 4lbs chicken, 2-3lbs ground meats, 2lbs pork sausage, 2-3lbs easy meal cuts, 3-4lbs roasting/braising cuts, 1lbs breakfast meat

Large: $90 per month, 11-13lbs

Contains: 4lbs chicken, 2lbs ground meats/pork sausage, 2-3lbs easy meal cuts, 3-4lbs roasting/braising cuts

Medium: $65 per month, 7-9lbs

Contains: 3-4lbs roasting/braising cuts OR 4lbs chicken, 2lbs ground meats/pork sausage, 2-3lbs easy meal cuts

Small: $40 per month, 4-5lbs

Contains: 1-2lbs ground meats/pork sausage, 3lbs various easy meal cuts

The Breakdown:

  1. Ground Meats: any combination of ground beef, ground pork, or ground lamb

  2. Roasting/Braising: pork roast or beef roast

  3. Easy Meal Cuts: stew meat, stir fry, pork chops, steaks, etc. The cuts that are easy to defrost in one day and cook as is. Other than the extra large, this could also include pork sausage links.

  4. Pork Sausage: several flavors available, if you have allergen concerns please let us know and we will adjust flavors accordingly (ex: fresh kielbasa contains dextrose, if you are allergic or do not want it we will put other flavors in your box)

Boxes will vary in terms of content, weight and value each month, but each month represents a savings (at least 5%) vs. buying all of the cuts individually. Meats will vary seasonally as well--for example chicken is available May through December and boxes will contain more beef in the winter. Summer boxes will contain lots of items that are great for grilling. Due to the smaller nature of sheep and limited availability of lamb, boxes will have more beef, chicken and pork than lamb. Boxes include items like lamb sausage and ground lamb regularly. Customers can opt out of lamb if they do not want to receive any. 

Packaging: while the weights seem very specific, our meat is pre-packaged at the USDA butcher facility and so not every package weighs the same. Examples: boneless chops and steaks are two per pack and individually weigh anywhere from 6-8 oz. Bone-in chops and steaks are 14-16 oz. Bacon is thick sliced and most packs are 1 pound or more. Breakfast links are slightly less than 1 pound and have 12-13 links per pack on average.

CSA Members get a 5% discount on additional meats purchased during pick up days and first access to seasonal farm products. CSA members also get early access to reservations for farm tours and pasture walks. 

How it works: 

  • Pickup is monthly: members pick up on Saturdays, once you sign up you will be assigned either the first half of the month or the second (this depends on your requested time and when you sign up)

  • Pick up is on farm on Muddy Creek Road in West River, MD 20778

  • If you can't make it one Saturday there will be a makeup day each month or we can work with you to find a time that works

  • Pickup time is 10am to 12pm (unless you've scheduled a different time). Bring a cooler or grocery bag to take your meat home in.

  • Meats come frozen and vacuum wrapped

  • All beef is dry aged, bacon and ham are wood smoked and no artificial flavors are used in the sausage seasonings

  • Want to pick up your meat on a weeknight or a weekday? Email Sarah to schedule a time. Some Wednesdays and Fridays are available

  • You will receive email reminders, the pickup dates calendar and an email newsletter from the farm that contains CSA information, cooking suggestions and other fun farm facts

  • You can give a membership as a gift! Simply fill out the recipients information when you purchase the membership online

  • If you sign up online you will receive a contract from Sarah that details cancellation and no show information. If you would like to sign up to pay in monthly installments or by check email to set this up and fill out your CSA membership forms

  • You can have someone pick up your box for you---just email or call Sarah and request an authorization form

  • Special requests? Maybe you don't like lamb? Is bacon or a particular flavor of sausage not your thing? Let Sarah know and we will try to accommodate you as best we can or make a substitution.

No commitment! Purchase standalone boxes:

Pork Grilling Specials: Sold Out

Crock Pot and Soup Special: $50

2 roasts and frozen bones to make your own soup stock with! 

Beef Assortment: Coming soon!