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New Roots Farm: Sustainably raised pasture based meats


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Meat CSA

Community Supported Agriculture

  Join the New Roots Farm family by signing up for the meat CSA and get assorted meats every month for your family. Boxes include pastured chicken, pastured pork, grassfed lamb and grass finished beef. Currently accepting new members!

Whole Animal

     Customize your product

Fill your entire freezer, have a pig roast or supply a special event with a bulk order, whole animal or half customized for you. 


Farm Store

 Right from the farm

We offer a selection of beef, chicken, lamb and pork by the cut on farm. Want more of your favorite steak and pork chops? Order as much as you want! Contact for a list of current individual cuts or shop in our online farm store for bundles and boxes. 

About Us

At New Roots Farm all animals are on pasture year round with a focus on raising animals that thrive on this particular farm. Constant innovation, attention to animal welfare, ecological management and quality meat are top priorities! Besides, happy animals taste better.